Life painting

These works are 6x6 inches (wthout frame), oil on Claybord, framed in a simple black wooden tray frame.
Illumine I
Illumine I (SOLD)
Illumine II
Illumine II (SOLD)
Illumine III
Illumine III (SOLD)
Illumine IV unframed
Illumine IV £225
Illumine V unframed
Illumine V £225 (SOLD)
Illumine VI unframed
Illumine VI £225
Illumine VII unframed
Illumine VII £225

Published by rmcandrew88

I am a full-time artist in Edinburgh originally from the Philippines. I was at Parsons in Los Angeles and Paris finishing with a diploma in Communicaiton Design/Illustration in 1987. Currently going on in the studio is exploration into baroque saint portraits and the music of Indochine.

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